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CCTV Products, including Wi-Fi, Wireless & Portable Camera,s, Dummy Camera's & Signs.


CCTV does help to deter and catch criminals all over the world, it really depends on your personal situation (and budget) to which type of system you choose, it may just be a very simple decoy camera to help deter potential criminals & vandals for just a few euro's, or it may be a system that will send you live pictures from a rural location in the event of someone attempting to break in.

We offer a selection of CCTV Systems, all designed for easy installation, listed below is a brief overview of some of our products:

  • Wireless CCTV & Monitor: these are a very popular type of CCTV System, supplied with 7" Colour Monitors and a selection of Wireless Cameras (up to four can be used with each system), the monitor enables you to view & listen the monitored locations, record the events (by motion or constant), and with some systems you can even view remotely using a Smart Phone or Tablet from anywhere in the world, they are also simple to install, program & operate.
  • Wired CCTV: traditional CCTV which includes 4 Cameras, a DVR & Hard Drive, 7" Viewing Screen and plug and play cables.
  • Portable CCTV Cameras: these recording devices are Battery Powered,  Portable, full Night Vision (but with no visible night flash), Built in PIR's, Records Video and Images onto a SD Card, together with the option of choosing the MMS Version (which sends images to your mobile phone and email address if triggered), ideal for remote locations with no available power.
  • Wi-Fi CCTV: These Wireless Camera's connect to your Internet Router via Wi-Fi inside the House or Office, they are viewed via your smart Phone or Tablet, they can be programmed to send you an email in the event of movement being detected in front of the Camera allowing you to log in and watch live video together with recording footage.
  • Decoy CCTV; a wide selection of good quality Decoy (dummy) CCTV Camera's, a very affordable Security option which can be used on their own or together with existing security systems.  


These products give us very different options to help with your home & business security.



Obviously there is a large selection of CCTV Systems, choosing a system for yourself will depend on a few basic questions to start with, please see below:

  1. Do you want to just record images or view them live?
  2. Would the CCTV be an addition to existing security, or be the only security?
  3. Have you got a power supply one site (for the monitor/recorder and camera's)?
  4. What distance do you have between the location of a camera to the location of the receiver?
  5. Is it a permanent installation or temporary?
  6. Do you need night vision?
  7. Do you want covert (not obviously visible) or overt (very obvious)? 
  8. Do you want live CCTV or would simple Decoy Camera's give you the desired effects? 
  9. How is your DIY skills?
Asking yourself these simple questions will help you to start identifying which system may suit your needs, if you are still not sure these answers would help us give you some accurate suggestions & recommendations.
Basic Table Guide.
Product Audio Live Viewing Night Vision Power Supply Recording Overt Covert
Wireless CCTV & Monitor Yes (2-way) Yes. Yes. Plug in Sockets (monitor and cameras) Yes. Yes. No.
Wired CCTV & DVR  Yes (1-way) Yes. Yes.  Plug in Sockets (at DVR only).  Yes.   Yes. No. 
C60  Yes (on recording only) No.  Yes.  AA Batteries. Yes.   No. Yes. 
C60 MMS  Yes (on recording only). Yes (live image sent) Yes.   AA Batteries.  Yes. No.  Yes. 
Wi-Fi CCTV  Selected Models Yes. Yes.  220 - 240v AC.   Yes. Yes.  No. 
Decoy CCTV Camera's  No. No. No.  AAA & AA Batteries (if chosen).   No. Yes.  No. 




Need Help Choosing your CCTV, then please contact us for friendly, no obligation advice (the more information you can give us about your individual requirements, will help us give you the most benificial recommendations):




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