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A wide selection of Parking & Security Posts & Bollards (designed to reserve your valuable Parking Allocation) & Security Posts (designed to help Secure your valuable Vehicles & Premises).  Also available is the battery powered Automatic Parking Posts which are operated from the comfort & safety of your vehicle. 

Please find a list of questions and decisions below which will help you identify which post will match your criteria:

Security or Parking Reservation:

  • Security: Do you require a post to secure & protect a vehicle being stolen or premises being damaged ?
    • The most Secure type of Post is by far the range of Fully Telescopic Posts & Bollards, this is due to the fact that there is more structure under ground than above ground, this gives them strength great strength (similar to the iceberg principle).
    • The second best choice for Security is the range of Removable Posts & Bollards, this is because there is at least 300mm firmly set into the ground.
    • The third choice would be a fold down which has a spigot base, for similar reasons to that of the Removable Posts or the very popular Bolt Down Hoop Barrier (because this has 3 legs it is a lot stronger than traditional style posts).
    • We would recommend not using a bolt down post in these circumstances (apart from the hoop barrier which will be quite secure providing the ground and fixings are strong).
  • Parking Reservation: Are you are looking to simply reserve your car parking allocation?
    • Look at what type of ground you have, if you have concrete or good quality tarmac you could choose a simple bolt down folding down post, if you have loose ground you would be better looking at a fold down post with ground spigot or removable.(various sizes, colours and designs to choose from),
    • Telescopic would be fine but in general will cost you more to purchase and more time to install.


Ground Clearance & Risk Assessment:
  • Is the location of the post going to have low chassis cars or motorcycles driving over them, are the general public of staff going to be walking over them ?
    • A Fold Down post will lay on the ground when not in use, for the vast majority of applications this does not cause a problem becuase the post is on private ground and the owners can ensure that there vehicles will be able to safely drive over the post they have chosen, if it is in a public domain or you have a very low vehicle then it may be better to choose another type of post.
    • A Removable Post comes supplied with a ground spigot and flush fitting top lid, when the post is removed it results in there being no ground obstruction at all, very safe, but you have to store the post somewhere (in a boot of nearby building).
    • Fully Telescopic leaves no ground obstruction at all and there is no need to store the post anywhere as it has retracted into the spigot base underground (there are different sized and designs of telescopic posts to choose from).
    • The other choice would be the unique 620 Fold Away, this is a combination of a telescopic and fold down, the tray is buried horizonal under ground, the post folds away into this box when not in use, the box has a lid which leaves the ground totally flush.
Can I Install These Posts Myself (or do I need a builder) ?
  • Telescopic Posts are the hardest type of post to install, but providing you have some basic digging tools and you are fit, there is no reason why you couldn't fit these, the process is very similar to fitting a good quality fence post into the ground, the difference being is that normally a fence post in fitted into soft ground, security posts are normally into harder ground. If you don't think you have the tools or time, then any general Builder, Fencing Contractor, Gardener & General Handyman should be able to do it. 
  • Removable & Spigot, these are very simple to install, providing you have the tools to dig a small hole approximately 300mm deep by 300mm square, and knowledge how to mix a small qty of cement.
  • Bolt Down, anyone with a good drill and can hang heavy pictures on a wall would be able to fit one of these.
Key Design Features: 
  • Telescopic: Strongest, No Ground Obstructions, Easiest To Use.
  • Removable: Second Strongest, No Ground Obstructions, Great Value.
  • Fold Down: Great Value, Easiest to Install, Light to Use.
  • Hybrid Posts
    • 620 Fold Away (leaves a flush ground when not in use).
    • Hoop Barries (stronger than traditional fold down).
Manual or Automatic:
  • Manual Parking & Security Posts are by far the biggest sellers, this is probably due to the very affordable costs and installation costs.
  • Automatic, most automatic bollards you will see in a City Centre will be very high costs and need to be proffessionally installed to cover rules and regulations, however we now have a range of battery powered posts that are very affordable and suitable for DIY installations, please see full details within this site or contact us for advice.

A short overview video explaining the basic differences between the Telescopic, Removable & Fold Down Parking & Security Posts.










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