Wireless Intercoms

A selection of Wireless Audio & Video Intercoms

We have a selection of Wireless Audio & Video Intercom Systems designed to help you safely & easily communicate with a visitor, and in many applications be able to open a locked gate or door.

There are a few factors that we would recommend you take into consideration, before purchasing one of these systems, please see the list below:

  1. What is the distance between the proposed locations of both the caller station and receiver?
  2. Have you got access to a power supply at the location of the caller station? (some caller stations can be used with battery, some work from 12v DC, which is taken from plug in transformers or gate & door control panels).
  3. Do you need to be able to open a locked gate or door?.
  4. Do you want to view who is at the door before starting to communicate? (video does greatly reduce wireless working range)
  5. Would you like the system to record a photo image of callers that you have missed whilst you were out?
  6. Do you need more than one caller station? (you may want a caller station at the front and rear of your property).
  7. Do you need multiple receivers? (you may want receivers located in different rooms of the building).
  8. Do the internal receivers need to be able to communicate with each other?
  9. How many & what type of obstructions are located between the caller station & receiver?
  10. What are the obstructions made of, all obstructions will reduce the effective working wireless range of any wireless intercom system, but the type of obstruction will determine the level of reduction, listed below is a very rough guide:
    • Glass & Plaster Board = 10% Reduction.
    • Trees & Bushes 10% Each One (if in direct line with no visual gap).
    • Wood = 15 - 25% Reduction (depending on type and depth of wood).
    • Brick = 20 - 25% Reduction.
    • Stone = 40% Reduction.
    • Steel 30 - 60% Reduction (depending on type & size of steel).

By answering the above questions, it will help you determine which system may best suit your needs, if you need help in choosing a system then see the handy chart, or contact us with the same answers you have made, it will help us give you the most accurate recommendations, a few tips listed below:

  • The Wireless Range advertised by all manufacturers is open line of sight, so it is important to take into account the obstructions.
  • Wireless audio signals will operate further and easier than video.
  • Quite often, the biggest obstruction is located next to the caller station (perhaps a brick or stone gate pillar), with some systems you can attach an aerial to the caller station and fix the aerial to the inside of the pillar, this removes the first and biggest obstacle to the wireless signal.

Please see the following specification chart to help you make the correct decisions in choosing a Wireless Intercom

module Range  DC  Power Battery Power Audio Signal Video Signal  PHOTO RECORD Lock Output Aerial Option Multiple Caller stations Multiple receivers
Ultra-com       600                         yes    yes    yes    no    no   yes   yes  yes (2)      yes
Ultracom video   200 -     300   yes     no   yes   yes   yes    yes   yes   yes (2)     no
video Door-phone    100    yes    yes   yes    yes    yes    yes     no       no        no







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