Inspection Cameras 

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Inspection Cameras.

Inspection Cameras.

These battery powered Inspection Cameras are designed to view 'the impossible to see' locations before making expensive mistakes with drills and other tools.

They are supplied with a colour viewing screen and a Waterproof Camera with build in adjustable Torch on the end of a very flexible 1 metre length of Tube.

Both models have the colour viewing screen, and one model allows you to record images or video to replay back on the screen when you are in a more comfortable position, these are recorded onto a SD Card which can then be played back on a PC.

The images or video can be set to simple overwrite the first ones when the card is full, or set to stop recording, they could also be saved onto other devices if you need to record this data.

They are also supplied with tools (hooks, mirror & magnet) which can be attached to the Camera allowing you to retrieve lost items such as screws, washers etc.

The Inspection Cameras are ideal for many applications, and should be part of most peoples tool kit, the typical applications are:

  • Check for Cables or Pipes behind a cavity wall before drilling or cutting (gaining access through small holes or socket recesses).
  • Check hard to see locations around an Engine.
  • Checking hard to get to locations on a Boat or Caravan.
  • Looking under heavy furniture or white goods.
  • Checking under a Bath or Shower tray.

The list is absolute endless.

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