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KP Workshop GSM Wireless Alarm Systems, ideally suited to the harsher environments such as Workshops, Farm Buildings, Garages & Business Premises.

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KP Workshop GSM Wireless Alarm Systems, ideally suited to the harsher environments such as Workshops, Farm Buildings, Garages & Business Premises.

This Heavy Duty Alarm Control Panel is made from steel and can be armed and disarmed using either a built in keypad, remote controls or text message.

The GSM Alarm communicates using a standard mobile telephone sim card (pay as you go or contract, not supplied), therefore requires no on site telephone line, it is powered by a standard plug in transformer supplying 12v DC, and could be used with battery & solar power in locations with no mains supply.

When activated, the alarm will contact key-holders by text message and telephone, together with the ability of activating a selection of Sirens.

The Lockable Control Panel has detachable aerials for both the mobile communication & wireless accessories (very useful should the panel need to be installed inside a protective cabinet, or in locations with poor mobile phone signals).

This very Flexible GSM Wireless Alarm System, is full of features, some listed below:

  1. Heavy Duty: (steel panel).
  2. Aerials: (detachable and extendable).
  3. Text Message: (will send up to 3 text messages when triggered).
  4. Telephone Calls: (will call up to 5 telephone numbers).
  5. Built in Power Failure: (will send a text message to the main key-holder if the power fails, either instantly or after 30 minutes, optional use).
  6. 12v DC Input: (suitable for solar & battery applications).
  7. 16 x Wireless Zones (fully adjustable)
  8. 16 x Wired Zones (fully adjustable).
  9. Control: (can be controlled by built in keypad, remote controls & text message).
  10. Self Monitoring Mode: (optional use).
  11. 4 Minute Output Relay: (relay when the alarm is triggered, can operate sirens, lights, telephone dialers).
  12. 12v DC Output: (when triggered).
  13. Switch 4 Minute Relay: (can be used for the key-holder to switch on lights etc).
  14. Large range of additional accessories.
  15. Can be used as a GSM Dialler.
  16. Lockable Control Panel.

The Alarm can be used with up to 16 x Wireless & 16 x Wired Detectors to cover all types of requirements in and around a workshop type environment, these include:

  • Wireless or Wired Door & Window Contacts.
  • Wireless PIR's (including the option of using a Pet Friendly model).
  • Wireless Vibration Sensors.
  • Wireless Smoke & Heat Monitors.
  • Wireless or Wired Pressure Mats.
  • Wireless or Wired Water or Flood Sensors.
  • Wireless or Wired Staff Protection Panic Buttons.
  • Wireless or Wired Sirens.

The Alarm can also be connected to many types of existing Intruder or Fire Alarms if you need to add the Dialler function.

It can be Armed & Disarmed by the following methods:

  • Remote Control.
  • Built in Keypad.
  • Built in Timer.
  • Text Message. 


This is a very good Wireless GSM Alarm System, ideal in locations where the traditional plastic constructed alarm systems are slightly vulnerable.

A Great Workshop Alarm !!

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