#17: WWWW & Excuses

Thieves are now regularly targeting all types of out buildings around the home & business including Sheds, Garages, Fuel Tanks, Trailers & Horse Boxes as they are seen as an easier & safer option !!

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#15: What An Intruder Looks For ?

Some of the signs a potential Intruder Looks For ?, Don't make it easy for them !!

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#7: Positioning a PIR

Install a PIR, making it visible from an outside Window !!

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#6: Surveying Your Property - The Onion Peeling Principle

There is never a bad time to stand back and take a good look at your security.

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#5: Security Lighting

Good Security Lighting is a good and effective deterrant to potential intruders !!

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#4: D.T.R. (Detection, Transmission & Reception)

We believe the following basic principles are relevant for all types of security & safety systems including Intruder, Water, Power Failure, Temperature Alarms !!

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#3: Don't make it Personal

If you foil an attempted break in or anti-social behaviour, try not to make it personal between these people and yourself, scare them off, call the police, get help etc, don't make it very personal between just you and them !!

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#2: KISS

Keep it Simple Stupid !! (if you over complicate things you may not bother using it every time, or stop using it after a few months) ?

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#1: Risk & Reward

This is the exact mind process that a potential thief will probably go through before carrying our any type of Crime !!

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