What An Intruder Looks For ?

  • Signs that the house is unoccupied.
  • Easy access – Use all your door & window locks.
  • Can they see what’s inside the home (TVs, Stereos, Gaming Consoles, Car keys etc)
  • Are there newspapers, letter or fliers building up in the letter box?
  • Have bins been left out at the kerb for days?
  • No lights on in the home during the evening


A few simple steps can dramatically reduce the risk, please see examples below:

  • Ensure doors & windows are always locked, especially when you are in bed or out of the building.
  • Leave a radio on low, or operating through a timer (various types of timers available on the market).
  • Ask family or neighbours to take in your newspapers and post when you are away.
  • Ask neighbours or family to take your bins in when you are away.
  • Have one or more lamps plugged into simple timers, very effective when you are away.

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