Explore our selection of our Emergency 4G Auto-Diallers, specifically designed to enhance the functionality of your Security & Safety Systems. These advanced __auto-diallers ensure rapid, reliable communication in critical situations, offering peace of mind and heightened security for your premises. Whether you need a solution for commercial, industrial, or residential applications, our 4G auto-diallers provide seamless integration with your existing systems. Stay connected and secure with our top-of-the-line 4G technology.


We have a selection of 4G & GSM Auto-Diallers that can be used with a wide range of Security & Safety Systems to help protect your family, staff & property.

Most of our Auto-Diallers are now 4G, these Alarm Panels are used in conjunction with a SIM Card, and will contact owns by Phone & Text when triggered, they also allow the owner to Arm & Disarm by using their own phone from anywhere in the world. These 4G Alarms are backward compatible which means they can also operate on 3G + 2G if the 4G signal fails.

The Auto-Diallers will normally connect into a Security & Safety Alarm Panel using a N/O or N/C input, and will contact key-holders by a Telephone Call or Text Message in the event of an activation, there are no hidden running costs when using these stand alone Diallers (unlike monitored systems) apart from the cost of the call. Some models can also be used as a 'standalone' system using wireless call buttons or detectors to activate them.

The Auto-Diallers will contact key-holders by calling their telephone (mobile or landline), sometimes with a personal pre-recorded message, sometimes silent (depending on model) or by text message (depending on model).

They can be programmed to contact between 3 - 9 keyholders (depending on model) multiple times (or until switched off by key-holder either remotely or locally).

They are widely used for all types of applications these days including:
  • Security (internal intruder alarms).
  • Security (external driveway & perimeter alarms).
  • Medical (family and staff).
  • Care (elderly or sick patients).
  • Safety (lone workers or workers in potentially dangerous situations).


  1. Are there running costs? (only the cost of the call, unlike a monitored system there are no monthly rental costs).
  2. Can I connect a system to my existing system? (yes, in most cases you could connect one to your existing security & safety system provided your system has a Output Relay or Voltage Output).
  3. Do they call my telephone? (yes, they will call multiple telephones, mobiles and landlines, multiple times or until they are turned off, variations exist between models).
  4. Do they send text messages to me? (only a GSM model will send text messages).
  5. Can I turn them off remotely? (yes, in most cases you can turn the auto-diallers of remotely when receiving a call).
  6. Can I turn them of locally? (yes, you can turn then ON & OFF locally using Keypads or Remote Controls).
  7. How many people will they call? (varies between models, but normally between 3 - 9 people).
  8. Can I record my own message? (yes, on most models you can record your own message, please check specifications or contact us for advice).

Monitoring Systems

With most monitoring systems you will pay a monthly ongoing fee, and in the event of an activation the monitoring staff will contact your key-holders to inform them about the situation, it will then be up to the key-holders to act upon the call, if you get to many false alarms for what ever reason many monitoring companies will charge you extra or cut you off, this new breed of self contained Auto-Diallers will do this for you with NO Monthly Costs, No Contracts.

These are a great addition to many systems, if you need advice please contact us for Friendly, No Obligation Advice !!

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