UltraPIR 4G GSM Garage Alarm Kit 1

4G UltraPIR Battery Wireless Garage Alarm Kit 1



4G UltraPIR Battery Garage Alarm (by Ultra Secure):

  • 4G PIR Alarm (contacts owners by Phone & SMS).
  • Wireless Siren.
  • Wireless PIR with Siren.
  • 100% Wireless.
  • Battery Powered (long lasting).
  • Door & Window Sensor.
  • Long Range Remote Controls.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Can be powered by a Plug.

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Operates on 4G, 3G & 2G Networks !!

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4G UltraPIR Battery Wireless Garage Alarm Kit 1 which includes:

  • 1 x 4G UltraPIR Alarm with optional Siren (contacts owners by Phone & SMS when triggered).
  • 1 x Battery Wireless Internal Siren.
  • 1 x Wireless BT PIR with 130 Decibel Siren.
  • 100% Wireless & Battery Powered (long lasting).
  • 1 x Door & Window Magnetic Contact (with optional vibration sensor, siren & keypad).
  • 2 x Long Range Remote Controls.
  • 1 x Garage Alarm Sticker.

4G UltraPIR Garage Alarm

This is a unique 100%  Wirefree 4G Battery Alarm which is Quick & Easy to Install (for all customers) and will contact up to three key-holders by Phone & Text when triggered (whilst activating Sirens).

Although this kit has been put together to help protect most types of Garages, it can also be used in many other applications including:

  • Sheds, Workshops & Home Offices.
  • Caravans & Boats.
  • New Builds or buildings being Renovated.
  • Holiday Homes.
  • Farm & Remote Buildings.
  • Tack Rooms & Stables.

4G UltraPIR:

The 4G UltraPIR has a built in PIR Sensor which has a 30 second exit delay (plenty of time to leave the building and lock up) and a 5 second entry delay (normally disarmed from outside the building before entering). The PIR has a 10 metre distance, 120 degrees horizontal & 90 degrees vertical detection pattern.

4G UltraPIR Detection

The PIR communicates with all the accessories using a unique & secure wireless code which can operate up to 100 metres apart (line of sight) which equates to around 40 - 50 metres in most applications (more than enough for most Garages or Workshops).

The PIR also has a built in 130 decibel Siren, which can be silenced for customers wanting the device to be covert whilst it is contacting key-holders by Phone and/or Text (all other Sirens would still be operating even if the 4G UltraPIR has been set to silent).

Door or Window Sensor:

This Alarm package is supplied with a Wireless Door or Window Sensor which can be used as:

  • A Magnetic Contact, the two parts supplied are fitted onto the Door/Window & adjoining Frame (in such a position that both parts are nearly touching when closed), if the parts are separated by the Door or Window opening the Alarm would be triggered (providing the UltraPIR is Armed).
  • As an optional Vibration Sensor, if the device is triggered by a sudden vibration (setting can be adjusted) the Alarm would be triggered (providing the UltraPIR is Armed).
  • There is also a built in Siren on this device that can be turned ON or OFF (depending on if sound is required) together with a small Keypad that is used for setting the parameters of the device and can even be used to Arm or Disarm the 4G UltraPIR.

4G UltraPIR Door & Window Sensor


The Wireless BT PIR is powered by 3 x AA Batteries and has a built in 130 decibel Siren, it operates within the same unique and secure wireless network as the 4g UltraPIR and is Armed & Disarmed by the same Remote Controls supplied.


The Wireless Internal Siren supplied is powered by 2 x AA batteries, both the BT PIR & Internal Siren can operate from up to 100 metres away (line of sight) from the 4G UltraPIR (which equates to around 40 - 50 metres in most applications.

BT PIR & Siren

Additional Sensors:

This 4G Alarm Kit can be expanded even more (if required) by adding any of the products found in the 'Accessory Tab' within this listing (no limit to how many can be added), these would also be connected to the same unique & secure Wireless network.

Wireless Alarm Sensors for the 4G Ultrapir

4G UltraPIR Programming:   

This UltraPIR Alarm is very easy to program (probably one of the easiest 4G or GSM Alarms on the market today) by using the built in Keypad.

4G UltraPIR Keypad


The 4G Alarm communicates via the mobile phone networks (standard size sim card required) and will contact up to three key-holders by Telephone (with your own pre-recorded message) & Text Message when activated (phone calls or text can be turned off if only one method of communication is required).

We do offer two Roaming SIM Cards from a third party supplier (at cost) designed for use in Alarms & Tracker Systems, these are low level contract sim cards (working on a direct debit), these can be selected within the drop down options near the Add to Card Button.

The two options are our 20 Plan (click here) & 50 Plan (click here), please click the links to read all about them.

You can also purchase the product with no sim card and simply use your preferred supplier (no data is required).

SIM Card location for 4G UltraPIR

Arming & Disarming: 

The complete system is Armed & Disarmed by using the two Remote Controls (supplied) from up to 100 metres away, additional Remote Controls can be added.

Remote Control UltraPIR

Receiving a Call:

When the Alarm calls the key-holders, there is the choice to:

  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and do nothing (the alarm will then contact the other key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press # on your telephone (this will disarm the PIR and prevent it from calling further key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press * on your telephone (this will turn the siren off, prevent it from calling further key-holders, but keep the PIR fully armed (ready for further activations).

Receiving a Call from the UltraPIR

Low Battery:

The Alarm will send you a Text Message if the Batteries are getting low (this can be turned off).

This is a unique and versatile 4G Alarm that can be used in more internal applications than can be listed.

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