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4G CCTV Systems, CCTV can now be used in really Remote Locations !!

4G CCTV Systems, CCTV can now be used in really Remote Locations !!

We can now supply 4G Wireless CCTV Cameras that are designed for use in locations with no access to Wifi, these connect to the 4G Mobile Phone Networks via a 4G SIM Card, they have the same features as a typical Wifi Cameras, these include:

  • Remote Access using Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Recording (onto a SD Card or the Cloud).
  • Push & Email Notification.
  • Two-way Communication. 
  • And more.

The Cameras are programmed and operated via a Free APP, making it far easier and quicker than previously possible.

Obviously a 4G Mobile Phone Signal is required at the location of the Camera, because the Cameras are using Data when connected to your Smartphone, it is sometimes advisable to have a GSM Alarm working in conjunction with the Camera which contacts you if triggered, when this happens you can then log onto the Camera via the Free APP.

We also have introduced the 4G UltraCAM, which can be used with multiple Wi-fi CCTV Cameras whilst using just one SIM Card, this router is also fully weatherproof.

These 4G Cameras can be powered by Mains or Battery (with or without Solar Panels).

This is a real game changer to customers who have never managed to have CCTV with Remote Access. 

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