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Alert Watch & Pager, our Wireless Portable Pager System.

Alert Watch & Pager, our Wireless Portable Pager System.

Impressive Portable Pager which is supplied as a Wrist Watch or Belt Clip, designed for use in many applications such as:

  • Elderly Call Button.
  • Patient Call Button.
  • Staff Call Button.
  • Family Call Button.
  • Customer Call Button.
  • Fire Door Opening Alert.
  • Visitor Door Opening Alert.
  • Movement Sensor Alert.
  • SOS Button.
  • The list is Endless.

The Alert Watch/Pager can be used with an impressive 999 Wireless Transmitters, and each Transmitter can be individually named allowing you to know who exactly requires your Help or Attention.

The operating range between each Wireless Transmitter & the Pager is 100 - 500 metres (line of sight) depending on which Transmitter is being used and on what power setting has been selected within the watch, this can be doubled by adding a Signal Repeater 009-3020.

The Watch has many features including:

  • Adjustable Volume (levels 1 - 10).
  • Vibration Alert.
  • Visual Alert.
  • Battery Level Adjustment (changes to standby times).
  • 2 x Languages (English & French).
  • Date & Time Stamp.
  • Alarm Clock.
  • Naming of each Wireless Transmitters.
  • Backlight.
  • Ability to use up to 999 Wireless Transmitters.
  • Comfortable Watch Strap.
  • Memory (in the event of a flat battery).
  • Supplied with Watch Strap & Belt Clip.

The Watch is charged using the USB Cable & 3-pin Plug (supplied).

Push Button:

The Pager can be used with many different Transmitters making it a really versatile Alert System, the options include:

  • Wireless SOS Buttons (desk, wall mounting or wristband).
  • Wireless SOS Button on a Wrist Watch.
  • Wireless Door Contacts.
  • Wireless PIR's.

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