All Power Failure Alarms

Power Failure Alarms

Power Failure Alarms

Ultra Secure Direct have a wide range of Alarms that will notify the owners or keyholders if the Mains Power Fails, this notification uses various methods including:

  • Buzzers.
  • Sirens.
  • Flashing LED's.
  • Text Message.
  • Telephone Calls.
  • Lights & Torches automatically Switching ON.

Being informed in time of this problem can potentially save many thousands of pounds in damage, and in even more serious events perhaps help to save People or Animals.

These Powercut Alarms are powered by using simple plug in Transformers, making them quick and easy to Install, suitable for DIY Installations together with more complex Professional  Installations.

If you have a specific application and you cannot find a solution, please Contact Us as we may be able to Help.

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