Battery BT Shed Alarms 

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Battery BT Shed Alarms

Our BT PIR Alarms, which are battery-operated for hassle-free installation, are ideal for safeguarding smaller spaces like sheds, garages, workshops, holiday homes, and small apartments. They come equipped with a powerful 130-decibel siren for effective alerting. These versatile alarms can function independently as a standalone system or can be effortlessly integrated into their secure wireless network, working in conjunction with a range of our accessories. These include:

  • Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors.
  • Magnetic Door/Window Contacts.
  • Wireless Internal Sirens.
  • External Sirens, available in solar-powered or battery-operated options.
  • GSM 4G UltraPIR Alarms for enhanced connectivity.
UltraSecure Battery Shed Alarms

BT Battery shed alarms UltraSecure

Indoor alarms internal stand alone sensor

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