Battery Recording & MMS Camera Systems

Battery Powered, Portable Night Vision CCTV Recording Devices (standard & MMS)

Battery Powered, Portable Night Vision CCTV Recording Devices (standard & MMS)



These Battery Powered Portable CCTV Cameras are packed with features (listed below) and ideal for Holiday Homes left vacant for long periods, now with the ability to send images back to your mobile phone and email if triggered (MMS version only):

  • Records Images or Video onto built in SD Cards.
  • Video Length: (1 - 60 minutes, adjustable in program functions).
  • Built in PIR Detectors (adjustable).
  • MMS Version: (will send images to mobile phones & email addresses when triggered).
  • Night Vision: (with no visible flash to the human eye).
  • Battery Powered: (option to add solar panels).
  • Security Case Available.
  • Small & Compact.
  • Built in Viewing Screen: (ideal for viewing recorded images and video).
  • Easy Programming: (using built in screen and buttons).
  • Can I use the MMS version in my Country: (Yes, provided you fit a SIM Card into the camera that can send MMS pictures from the chosen location). 




  1. What Size SD Card can be Installed: (up to 16GB).
  2. Is the Camera supplied with an SD card: (Yes, 4GB).
  3. What Batteries do we Need: (8 x AA Batteries).
  4. How Long Will Batteries Last: (between 1 - 6 months, depending on usage).
  5. Does it Record Video or Images: (both, selectable in the program menu).
  6. Video Length: (1 - 60 minutes, adjustable in programming).
  7. Detecting Distance: (20 metres, can be adjusted dowm to reduce triggering).
  8. How Fast is the Trigger: (1 second, the secret is the positioning of the camera and adjustment of the 3 built in detectors).
  9. Picture Quality: (12 MP Camera, can be reduced to 5 MP for additional storage).
  10. Overwrite Function: (Yes, adjustable ON/OFF).
  11. Standard Fixing Method: (strap, secret is to hide the camera).
  12. Fixing Method with Security Case: (many methods to suit location, screws, bolts, chains etc). 
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