Battery Powered Recording Camera's for Scaffold Locations

A selection of Battery Powered Camera's for use in and around Scaffold locations.

A selection of Battery Powered Camera's for use in and around Scaffold locations.

These Battery Powered Camera's can be easily & quickly deployed in and around Scaffold locations, ideal for when there is no access to a power supply.

They can be automatically set to turn on and off at set times each day, and when 'ON' will automatically record short video clips every time the built in PIR's detect movement, the duration of the video can be programmed from 1 to 60 seconds which is saved onto the inserted SD Card (supplied).

The Camera's have full Night Vision capability but the Infrared Lens is invisible to the human eye.

There are also models which can send you a MMS picture should the Camera be activated showing you a still picture of the Intruder whilst still recording the Video clip, this allows you to contact the Police or Security with definite verification (always more likely to get a reaction from the Police). These Camera's use a Mobile Phone SIM Card (PAYG or Contract).  

The Camera's can also be supplied with vandal proof steel boxes for added Security, or used without in a covert situation.

The batteries used are standard sized AA batteries which will last up to three months in most applications (dependant on the number of activations), lithium batteries would greatly prolong the life together with being more efficient when the temperature falls below freezing.

We can also offer a Solar Panel to work in conjunction with these Camera's.

These Camera's are easy & quick to fit, with no power being required, ideal for various Scaffold locations.

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