Door Alerts For Dementia 

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Door Alerts for Dementia

Door Alerts for Dementia

We have a range of Wireless Door Alerts that are commonly used by our customers who are looking after people who are unfortunately suffering from Dementia or similar.

They help Family & Carers to Monitor Doors !!

There are a selection of systems to choose from, they all include one or two wireless door contacts but vary in which control panel suits each specific application, the options include:

Chime Panels:

These Control Panels are plugged into a Wall Socket anywhere in the Home, they can be moved from location to location at different times of the day, additional Control Panels can be added should you need a Chime in multiple locations.

The Panels will omit a Chime when the Door (or doors) is opened, the Chimes vary between Panels (please contact us for advice).

The Wireless Range between the Door & Control Panel is also important, in large Homes you will need to use the Alert Systems that have a longer Wireless Transmission range (please contact us for advice).

Alarm Diallers:

We can supply Control Panels which will call key-holders if the Door is opened, these can be Panels that are connected into the Telephone lines of the property, or GSM panels that use a mobile phone SIM Card. The SIM Card options are often more popular as it allows you to mount the Panel into hidden locations (often preferred in these situations). 

Some Panels could also act as a Chime Unit.


We can supply a system with a Portable Wireless Pager, which suits some applications.

Door Contacts:

The Wireless Door Contacts comprise of two parts, a Wireless Switch with Transmitter and a Magnet.

The two components are fitted onto the Door & Door Frame normally by double sided tape, although small screws are often used on the Magnet, they should be placed in a way that when the Door is closed both components are nearly touching, we normally recommend the top side about one third in from the hinge.

When the Door is opened a Wireless Signal will be transmitted to the relevant Control Panel (or panels).


We can offer a movement sensor (PIR) for applications where customers need this type of sensor, but thought has to be given to this type of installation as the PIR could potentially pick up normal movement from inside the Home, typical examples for using these would be a Porch.


Please Contact Us for Advice, these situations are often complex and we are happy to give you as much help as we can.

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