Fold Down Parking Posts & Bollards 

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A selection of Fold Down Parking Posts & Bollards to suit all types of requirements. 

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A selection of Fold Down Parking Posts & Bollards to suit all types of requirements. 

Fold Down Parking Posts & Bollards:

These popular Folding Steel Poles are Hinged near to the ground and normally bolted down onto the ground (although spigot based models are available) making them the choice of many customers due to the fact they are the easiest to Install. They are supplied with either Integral Locks or Padlocks (depending on which model has been chosen).

When in use, they are simply left in the upright position and locked, when not in use they would be unlocked and lowered to the ground, some models can be locked in the down position. They are very easy to use and you have no worries about where to store the Post or Bollard when not in use.

These Hinged Lockable Bollards & Posts are the typical Parking Deterrent (not high security) and not designed to be driven over when down, they should be positioned so that you can drive over them, but they are the Easiest to Fit & Easiest to Operate.

The Foldable Posts are popular with many domestic customers fitting them at the entrance to their Driveway or in their Car Parking allocation to stop illegal and very annoying Parking. These products are sometimes referred to as Car Poles or Driveway Car Poles.

They are available in many styles, colours, sizes & lock types.

If you are using multiple Posts or Bollards you can choose to have all them all Keyed Alike (meaning one single key will operate all). 


Bolt Down or Spigot:

Most Fold Down Posts & Bollards on the market are Bolt Down Types, but Ultra Secure do offer a unique Spigot designed model for use on Block Paving, poor Tarmac and Gravel. 

Bolt Down: These are normally used when installing a parking post onto concrete or good quality tarmac and are the easiest and quickest type to fit (we supply different fixing bolts to suit different applications).

Spigot Base: These are designed to be used when you have poor quality tarmac, gravel & block paving and result in a strong installation.


The table below shows just a few of our Fold Down Posts & Bollards available:


Post Height when Raised Height when Down Spigot Base Available Keyed Alike Available Weight Type of Lock
610Y 610 mm 80 mm Yes  Yes 5KG  Top Integral
610G 610 mm 80 mm Yes  Yes 5 KG  Top Integral 
810Y 810 mm 120 mm No  Yes 5 KG  Padlock 
900-60 (RW-W-Y) 900 mm 66 mm No Yes 4KG Bottom Integral
900-76 (RW-W-Y) 900 mm 87 mm No Yes 5KG Bottom Integral
900-110 (RW-W-Y) 900 mm 120 mm No Yes 11KG Bottom Integral
Hoop 420 mm (760 mm wide) 40 mm No  Yes 4 KG  Padlock 
620Y Fold Away 740 mm Flush Yes (base tray)  Yes   22 KG Tool 




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