GPRS GSM SOS Trackers 

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SOS Watch & Pendant SOS Alarms with Tracking & Two-way Audio.

SOS Watch & Pendant SOS Alarms with Tracking & Two-way Audio.

The Personal Alarms will contact key-holders by Phone or Text if Help is needed, it allows 2 way communication with the key-holders and owner of the Alarm, the key-holders are also able to find your exact location using Google Maps via their Smartphone or Tablet.

The Alarms can be worn on your wrist, around your neck or stored in a pocket or bag.

The SOS Tracker Alarms are charged by a USB Cable, and requires a SIM Card with Data & Call facility (standard sim card these days), answer phones on the Receiving Mobile Phones need to be turned OFF for the best operation. 

The SOS Button has to be help in for 5 seconds to activate, this feature is designed to prevent False Alarms.

There is an APP (AnyTracking) for easy operation and set up.

This is an ideal device for many people, examples would be:

  • Lone Workers.
  • Elderly.
  • People being Alone whilst exercising.
  • People with Medical issues.
  • The list is Endless !!  
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