GSM Call Points 

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GSM Call Points.

GSM Call Points.

These products are designed for a typical unmanned Business Reception which allows the visitor to press a button on the counter which will activate a GSM Auto-Dialler opening up clear two-way communication with a member of Staff.

The Control Panel is powered by a plug in Transformer and has built in battery back up, when triggered it will contact up to 9 key-holders by Telephone or Text Message.

You options to each key-holder are:

  • Telephone Call Only.
  • Telephone & Text Message.
  • Text Message Only.

Therefore you could have the GSM Control Panel calling just one person, but sending a text message to others as a back up, the variations are very flexible.

You could also use this same control panel as a Panic or Smoke Alarm to help protect members of staff which makes for a better return in investment.

The Control Panel requires a standard size SIM Card for the communication.

Push Buttons:

You can choose a Wired or Wireless Push Button to suit your application.

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