HY Solar Wireless Alarms

Our HY Wireless Siren Alarms provide reliable security for various buildings, including homes, garages, and sheds, as well as workshops. These alarms feature infrared motion sensors for proactive security, while our chimes alert effectively both indoors and outdoors. The solar-powered siren includes LED flashes and serves as a strong deterrent. Keep in control with our versatile receivers and manage your system easily using our wireless remote. Experience leading-edge security with the HY range, raising the bar for protection standards.

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Bells Only HY Wireless Siren Alarms to help protect all types of buildings including:

  • Homes.
  • Garages & Sheds.
  • Workshops.

There are two types of Wireless Sirens available (Outdoor Solar or 3-pin Indoor) which both double up as a Wireless Control panel.

Indoor Siren:

The Indoor Siren simple Plugs straight into a 3-pin (2-pin available) wall socket

Solar Siren:

The Weatherproof Siren can be used with up to 12 x Alarm Sensors (Door Contacts, PIR's, Vibration Sensors), 4 x 24 Hours Sensors (Smoke & Heat, Water or Panic Buttons) & 8 x Remote Controls. The Siren is powered by built in Lithium Batteries which are charged and maintained by the top mounted Solar Panel.


There is a wide range of Wireless Battery Powered Detectors & Accessories that can be used in conjunction with these Alarms, they include:

  • Standard PIR's (designed to detect body heat).
  • Pet Friendly PIR's (avoids detection of animals under 35 kilo).
  • Magnetic Door Contacts (activates if a door is opened).
  • Smoke & Heat Sensors (ideal for homes, workshops etc).
  • Water Leakage Sensors (early warning for potential damaging water leaks or floods).
  • Portable Panic SOS Buttons (can be used in medical or security applications.
  • Help Pull Cord Assemblies (ideal for bathroom applications).
  • RFID Tags.
  • Smart Socket (allows you to simple turn the socket on and off using remote control on many types of devices).
  • The Wireless operating range between the accessories and both Sirens is between 50 - 100 metres in most applications.


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