KP9 4G GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm 

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KP9 4G GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm packed full of features, ideal for Home & Business premises.

KP9 4G GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm packed full of features, ideal for Home & Business premises.

The stylish looking control panel is packed full of features including:

  • 95 Channels.
    • Channel 1 = SOS Button on Panel (adjustable).
    • Channel 2 = Tamper Switch (can be turned off).
    • Channel 3 + 4 = Wired Channels.
    • Channel 5 = Monitor Only.
    • Channels 6 - 99 Wireless & Adjustable.
  • .Contacts up to 9 x Key-holders by Telephone & Text Message (optional).
  • Built in Siren (adjustable duration).
  • Plug in Power Supply (ideal for DIY installation).
  • Back up Battery.
  • Easy to Program (using the built in keypad and LCD Screen or APP).
  • Easy to Operate:
    • Remote Control.
    • Built in Keypad.
    • Built in Timer.
    • Text Message.
    • APP.
  • Many Modes of Operation including:
    • Full Arm.
    • Home Arm.
    • Entrance.
    • On Site.
    • Outer.
    • Inner.
    • 24 Hour (with Siren).
    • 24 Hour (silent).
    • Not in Use.
    • Doorbell.
  • 2 x Wired Input Zones.
  • Built in Power Failure (optional).
  • Built in Temperature (optional).
  • Optional Wireless External Sirens. 
  • 2 x way Communication.
  • Log (history) Logging.
  • Low Battery Warning (of accessories).
  • 12 Language Menu (including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch & Spanish).

You can use all types of Wireless Accessories including:

  • PIR's (standard & pet friendly).
  • Door Contacts (various models).
  • Vibration Sensors.
  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Remote Controls.
  • Keypads.
  • External Sirens (2 x options).
  • Water Detectors.
  • Pressure Mats.
  • Roller Shutter Contacts,
  • Gate Contacts.
  • External PIR's.
  • Panic Buttons (various options available).
  • Wireless Signal Repeaters.

The GSM Control Panel can also be used for the following functions with or without using the Burglar Alarm:

  • Up to 95 x Channel Wireless GSM Panic Alarm (ideal for Staff, Lone Workers or the Elderly).
  • Environmental Monitor (temperature, water, power failure).   

The KP9 is now a 4G model, these Alarm Panels are used in conjunction with a SIM Card, and will contact owns by Phone & Text when triggered, they also allow the owner to Arm & Disarm by using their own phone from anywhere in the world. These 4G Alarms are backward compatible which means they can also operate on 3G + 2G if the 4G signal fails. 

This Alarm is designed for easy DIY Installation, but includes features normally found in far more expensive Installed Systems. 

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