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KP9 GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm 

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KP9 GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm packed full of features, ideal for Home & Business premises.

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KP9 GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm packed full of features, ideal for Home & Business premises.

The stylish looking control panel is packed full of features including:

  • 99 Channels.
    • Channel 1 = SOS Button on Panel (adjustable).
    • Channel 2 = Tamper Switch (can be turned off).
    • Channel 3 + 4 = Wired Channels.
    • Channel 5 = Monitor Only.
    • Channels 6 - 99 Wireless & Adjustable.
  • .Contacts up to 9 x Key-holders by Telephone & Text Message (optional).
  • Built in Siren (adjustable duration).
  • Plug in Power Supply (ideal for DIY installation).
  • Back up Battery.
  • Easy to Program (using the built in keypad and LCD Screen or APP).
  • Easy to Operate:
    • Remote Control.
    • Built in Keypad.
    • Built in Timer.
    • Text Message.
    • APP.
  • Many Modes of Operation including:
    • Full Arm.
    • Home Arm.
    • Entrance.
    • On Site.
    • Outer.
    • Inner.
    • 24 Hour (with Siren).
    • 24 Hour (silent).
    • Not in Use.
    • Doorbell.
  • 2 x Wired Input Zones.
  • Built in Power Failure (optional).
  • Built in Temperature (optional).
  • Optional Wireless External Sirens. 
  • 2 x way Communication.
  • Log (history) Logging.
  • Low Battery Warning (of accessories).
  • 12 Language Menu (including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch & Spanish).

You can use all types of Wireless Accessories including:

  • PIR's (standard & pet friendly).
  • Door Contacts (various models).
  • Vibration Sensors.
  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Remote Controls.
  • Keypads.
  • External Sirens (2 x options).
  • Water Detectors.
  • Pressure Mats.
  • Roller Shutter Contacts,
  • Gate Contacts.
  • External PIR's.
  • Panic Buttons (various options available).
  • Wireless Signal Repeaters.

The GSM Control Panel can also be used for the following functions with or without using the Burglar Alarm:

  • Up to 95 x Channel Wireless GSM Panic Alarm (ideal for Staff, Lone Workers or the Elderly).
  • Environmental Monitor (temperature, water, power failure).   

3G or GSM:

You can select either 3G or the standard GSM Control Panels with these KP9 Alarms, both panels will operate Telephone & SMS functions in Countries where 2G is still operational (most of Europe), if in doubt please ask us for advice.

This Alarm is designed for easy DIY Installation, but includes features normally found in far more expensive Installed Systems. 

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