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Roaming M2M & PAYG SIM Cards for use in Alarm Systems.

Roaming M2M & PAYG SIM Cards for use in Alarm Systems.

Roaming M2M (machine to machine) SIM Cards are designed for use in devices such as GSM Intruder Alarms, Trackers & Personal GSM Alarms, they are not ideal for data connections (internet connections).

The cards will roam the mobile phone networks to lock onto the strongest signal in any location, making it far more likely to work, and if a particular network has a faulty mask for a day, week or month (which happens more often than we know) the card will be able to operate on other available networks in that area.

You can be in full control of checking your credit and topping up using a simple to use web site, details listed below:

To Activate your SIM:

Go to

The first time you go onto the website DO NOT PRESS THE LOG IN BUTTON

Please click on the “ACTIVATE” button,

  1. When asked if you purchased the SIM card from the website press “NO”
  2. On the next screen enter the 19 digit number starting with 89 that is printed at the bottom of the SIM holder, and also enter the phone number assigned to that SIM as it is handwritten at the top of the holder. Enter the phone number in the format 447xxxxxxxxx
  3. Tick the box next to “I am not a Robot” and complete the test you see in the screen
  4. Then press “CONTINUE”
  5. Under the “New Customer” section press “REGISTER”
  6. Fill in your personal details and create your Password
  7. Tick to agree Terms & Conditions and press “CONTINUE”
  8. Re-Log In as an existing customers
  9. Give your SIM a “Friendly Name” and press “CONTINUE”


To Top-Up your SIM (or check your balance)

  1. Press the “TOP-UP” button and select the SIM card you wish to top up and press “CONTINUE”
  2. Select the amount you wish to add to your SIM
  3. Check the details thoroughly before pressing “CHECKOUT”
  4. Continue through the payment procedure

 If you have any questions, please ask !!

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