Solar Powered Wireless Scaffold Alarm Beams 

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Solar Powered Wireless Scaffold Alarm Beams with optional Receivers, Auto-Diallers & Sirens.

Solar Powered Wireless Scaffold Alarm Beams with optional Receivers, Auto-Diallers & Sirens.

These popular Scaffold Alarms consist of the following products:

Wireless Beams: these beams are supplied in pairs and are positioned up to 100 metres apart from each other but directly looking at each other. They are powered by built in batteries and charged and maintained by the built in solar panels, although there are additional charging ports allowing you to give the beams a top up charge between sites or in some cases when they are positioned with the chargers left plugged in (ideal if the Beams are fitted behind netting or sheeting).
There are four different sizes of beams available to suit different applications, the beams have a wireless transmitting range back to the receivers of 900 metres (line of sight) but this can be doubled by using a plug in signal repeater.

Receivers: the Receivers are powered by a plug in 3-pin transformer and can be used with up to 128 sets of Beams and can be used to trigger Auto-Diallers, Sirens or Speech Alerts using the built in Output Relays (N/O or N/C) and the 12v DC Output. The power supply required to power the Receiver is 12v DC allowing a leisure battery to be used if required (perhaps for periods before mains is supplied the site).

Wireless Solar Siren: these Wireless Sirens are battery powered being charged & maintained by the built in Solar Panel, the Siren doubles up as the control panel and is Armed & Disarmed using Remote Control from up to 50 metres away. The Siren operates directly with the Beams and has a 100 Decibel Siren together with very bright flashing Strobe Lights when activated, some sites will use both the Solar Siren & plug in Receiver. 

GSM Diallers: we can connect GSM Diallers to the plug in Receiver, these Diallers will contact key-holders by Telephone & Text Message when activated, and will also allow key-holders to remotely Arm & Disarm the Alarm. They communicate using mobile phone SIM Cards (Pay as you Go or Contract). They are powered by a 12v DC transformer, but can be also be used directly connected to a large battery.

Sirens: we have wired and wireless sirens, the Wireless Sirens can be fitted up to 100 - 200 metres away from the control panel, most of the Wireless Sirens will need a power supply, although we do have fully battery powered options for easy & quick installation.

Speech Alerts: we can supply speech alerts which will replay a warning message to intruders, these can be connected to the Alarm System or used on their own.

These Alarms can be made up in many different ways and be made to operate in different ways to suit different applications.

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