Stainless Steel Posts & Bollards 

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Stainless Steel Posts & Bollards.

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Stainless Steel Posts & Bollards.


Stainless Steel Round Telescopic Bollards & Security Posts are very strong Posts due to having more structure underground to that protruding above ground, they are popular in both Domestic & Industrial applications covering a standard Driveway or placed in front of an Industrial Building or Door.

They are locked into place using the top mounted Integral Lock, these manual Bollards are easily lifted out of the sleeve in the ground and are carefully lowered into the ground when not required.

The Stainless Steel is weather resistant and looks very stylish.

They are also referred to as Rectractable Bollards, Retractable Poles, Lift Up Bollards, Pull up Posts.

Telescopic Bollards & Posts are in general seen as the best option for the Anti-Ram situation.

They are also very safe to Vehicles and Pedestrians when not in use, as there are no parts of the Post left protruding from the ground.

Fold Down:

We have Stainless Steel Fold Down Posts & Bollards which look great, but they are not as strong as the Telescopic models due to the fact that they are Bolted onto the ground, rather than being sunken into the ground.

One model also has a spring mounted into the Post just above ground level, this is designed to give some movement into the Post should a vehicle knock it, this can save costs in repair bills to the Posts and Vehicles.


We have static Stainless Steel Posts & Bollards that can be fitted onto or into the ground, these can be used in conjunction with Telescopic & Fold Posts or simply on their own.

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