Standalone Battery 4G GSM Beam Kit

The unique Battery powered Covert 4G UltraDIAL GSM Dialler attached to a set of Solar powered Perimeter Beams for Remote locations with No Power.

The unique Battery powered Covert 4G UltraDIAL GSM Dialler attached to a set of Solar powered Perimeter Beams for Remote locations with No Power.

Provided there is a mobile phone signal at the location, this Security System can be fitted anywhere in the world, no power required !!

The system comprises of:

  • 1 x Battery powered UltraDIAL GSM Auto Dialler.
  • 1 x Solar Powered 1B Perimeter Beam (which can monitor & protect distances up to 100 metres).


'The UltraDIAL' 4G GSM Dialler is powered by 3 x AA Lithium Batteries, although it can be powered by a plug in transformer for locations where a power socket is available.

It is Armed & Disarmed using Remote Control from up to 100 metres away, and can be Disarmed by Telephone if you are being called.

The Dialler will contact up to three Key-holders by Telephone & SMS (although you can choose to turn either off) once activated, it can be fully disarmed by pressing # on the Receiving Telephone or reset (therefore stop calling other key-holders but remain fully armed) by pressing * on the Receiving Telephone.

It can be programmed to send the primary key-holder a status report at 9am every Monday morning.

The Dialler is connected to the Beams by a cable, and would normally be mounted on the back of a post, but you can lengthen the cable to hide to Dialler away into different type of locations, the branding has been kept low key to aid Security.

The UltraDIAL will also contact the primary key-holder if the Battery level is starting to get low.

Optional Accessories:

This Dialler can also be used with the following accessories to help with your Security, they can be mounted up to 100 metres away from the Dialler:

  • Indoor Wireless Door Contact with or without a Siren.
  • Indoor Wireless PIR with or without a Siren.
  • Wireless External Solar Siren.
  • Wireless Indoor Battery Siren.
  • Additional Remote Controls.

This allows you to possibly protect a nearby Building which has No Power !!

IB Beams:

These special addition 1B Beams come supplied with a short length of cable which is used to connect into the Dialler.

The Beams can be mounted up to 100 metres apart from each other, and have twin sensors (60 mm apart from each other) which have to be breached simultaneously to be activated, this prevent unnecessary false alarms from small animals, insects, leaves and debris.

They would normally be mounted at a height of around 1 metre allowing safe passage of small ground animals.

They are powered by built in rechargeable Lithium Batteries which are charged and maintained by the built in Solar Panels, the Beams only require daylight to charge (not direct sunlight), although if either Beam is going to be mounted in avery poor location you can add an option Battery Charging Kit

This Alarm system is ideal to protect very remote locations including remote gateways, yards, buildings where it will be impossible to get wireless transmission back to your properties.

It would be possible to add further Beams, but they would need to be the special addition Beams as they need to also be connected to the Dialler by Cable.

A unique product for locations with No Power !!

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