Wireless Animal Alarms  

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Wireless Animal Alarms.

Wireless Animal Alarms.

Not all of our customers want to avoid the detection of Animals in and around their Garden, Yard, Entrance or Land.

Many people need (or want to) know when they have Deer, Fox, Heron or Cats visiting them, Ultra Secure can offer a selection of our Wireless Driveway & Perimeter Alarms to inform them of the visitors.

They are the same systems, but just used in a different way.


We would advise that the Detectors in this section are either placed very low down to the ground or placed higher (if needed) but aimed directly down towards the ground.

We can offer Battery Powered PIR's or Solar Charged Beams, all will detect animals of this size if they are positioned correctly.


We can offer systems with a Wireless Transmission from the Detector to the Receiver (located inside the house) from 40 metres (line of sight) to an impressive 900 metres (even more with some systems if (Signal Repeaters are deyployed).

Please remember the signal has to penetrate the walls of your house.


Most customers just want a simple Chime or Beep inside the house if an Animal is detected, although we can use some systems to trigger very loud Sirens which will scare the Animal away.

Please contact us for any advice !!

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