Wireless Door & Window Alarms 

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Wireless Door & Window Alarms

Wireless Door & Window Alarms

Ultra Secure Direct have a wide selection of Wireless Alarms designed to monitor & protect vulnerable Doors & Windows, in all cases the magnetic contact would be fixed onto the Door/Window Frame or onto the actual Door or Window itself. The Magnet would then be fitted onto the adjacent Door/Window Frame or Door into a position that results in both parts nearly touching when closed.

In the event of the Door or Window being opened, a Wireless Signal would be transmitted to the relevant control panel.

We can also supply Wireless Vibration Sensors, that would be triggered in the event of someone trying to force their way through a locked Door or Window.

The operating distance of the Wireless Transmission will vary between systems, this needs to be taken into account when choosing the best system for your application.

Once the signal has been sent to the control panel, the results will vary depending on the system you have chosen, and the mode that the control panel had been set to, there are many options available with the most popular being listed below:

  • Chime.
  • Flashing Light.
  • Buzzer.
  • Loud Internal Siren.
  • Loud External Siren.

Fitting the Magnetic Contact is straight forward and can be fitted onto nearly any door, advice can be found by clicking this link, please contact us for further advice !!

If you cannot find a system to completely fill your requirements, or if you have a unique requirement please contact us as we can often find solutions within our wide range of products.

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