Caravan & Boat Water Alarms 

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A selection of Water Alarms for use inside Caravans & Boats.

A selection of Water Alarms for use inside Caravans & Boats.

Obviously Water can cause major problems for many Boat owners, but Caravans being left unattended for long periods can also suffer horrendous damage due to Water Leaks or local Flooding. It is well known that the earlier you know about the possible Flooding, the more likely you are to be able to carry out preventative measures that will probably save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Ultra Secure Direct can offer many solutions to monitor for water leaks.

We need to mentally split the project into three parts:


  • What type of Water Detector will suit my application?
  • Where should I place the Detector/Detectors?
  • How many Detectors do we require?


  • Do we need to use Wireless Transmission between the Detector/Detectors & Control Panel?
  • Can we run a cable between the Detector/Detectors & Control Panel? 


In the event of a Water Leak being Detected, what do you want from the Control Panel, options range from:

  • Buzzers.
  • Internal Sirens.
  • External Sirens.
  • Flashing Lights.
  • Telephone Calls.
  • Text Message.

Other questions you need to consider are:

  • Have you got mains power at the location of the Control Panel?
  • Have you got a Telephone Line at the location of the Control Panel? (this could be in an office 100 - 200 metres away from the Water Detectors using some long range Wireless equipment).
  • Have you got a mobile signal at the location (or near) of the Control Panel.
  • Is the location manned most of the time (there is no point having a Siren activating if there is no one on site to notice it).

If you cannot see a system to suit your needs, or you would like to discuss you situation, then please contact us for advice, we may well be able to make a system up to your exact specifications.

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